To date, each club offers the same rules of the game. They include working with different modes, so that any gamer can choose the most suitable type for himself. Conventionally, they can be divided into:
Virtual online betting. If the customer has a stable Internet connection to online casino, then this system is optimal, as it allows you to use all the advantages and bonuses of online casinos. The guest of the portal immediately sees the entire list of machines in the hall, and can also evaluate the entire list of new slots, which can be played at that very moment.
Bets in the downloaded versions. Many clubs offer to download new slots and play for free from a mobile phone, computer or tablet. This is the best option for users who have an unstable connection to the global network or want to always have access to the games they like.
Real money betting. This mode starts only with the Internet and is available for registered users. It is in it that it is allowed to bet with real money and win the same real amounts that can be cashed. New slots can be played for free either from a stationary computer or laptop, or from a smartphone (using an application or through a browser).
Testing demos. Demo is an opportunity for a beginner and a club frequenter to test all the latest devices. In this case, the gamer does not bear any risks, since the process is completely free. Special virtual money is allocated for bets, which is not a pity to spend, since they still belong to a gambling establishment.
So, if you discovered new slots, play for free, and if you like it, go to the money mode. Such a system will help:
get acquainted with the interface;
learn the rules and features;
estimate the potential payout percentage;
come up with a strategy to increase the chances of winning.
After the test version, the client is more confident in moving to money rates, since he is already familiar with all the characteristics and requirements of the slot online.